We’re All Just People


It always strikes me just how easy it is to forget that the people around me are—well, people. It’s very easy to turn those who disagree with me into a “them” in the “us-vs.-them” world we seem to live in today. Once that happens, it’s even easier to start acting like their ideas and opinions are inherently evil, like they are themselves inherently evil—and like no opinion except for my own matters.

Today, I’m working to make a change. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we see the problems of the world—or even just the problems of our own personal community—but there is always something we can do. We can remember the humanity of those who disagree with us. Every single person in this world is just a human being trying to make it through life, just like you and me.

So let’s use this step as a starting point. Let’s remember that every comment on the internet, every politician and business owner and person just trying hard to get by, is another person. They’re not a box full of an empty brain and a full mouth. If we can remember that, I think our discussions and disagreements will be a lot more fruitful.


About Becca
Becca Anderson is the author of multiple books, including Prayers for Hard Times and Every Day Thankful. She loves to share her original content and excerpts from her books, which are often collections of writings, quotes, or mini-biographies from or about a number of inspiring people, in hopes that these people’s inspiring words and actions can help others as much as they’ve helped her.

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