Light of the World Recycling and Reuse Center


I joke to my friends that my afternoon Sunday church service is at the local Recycling & Reuse Center. It is definitely a ritual for my boyfriend and me. In fact, we just came back from there and saw many a well-loved item go to a joyous new owner.

You should only have possessions you really love; don’t let your things possess you. I have a neat-looking “outbox” on my front porch I fill during the week with items I can take to the Reuse Center at my neighborhood recycling center. As the days go by, magazines, extra pots and pans, odd cups and dishes, old electronics and anything that no longer has a place in my home goes there.  My partner and I go there every weekend and it simply feels wonderful.  The center has a lot of regulars and we are now recognized as purveyors of 100% discount bounty such as scented candles, barely-worn scarves, office supplies, odd crockery and superb magazines as we are a household of voracious readers. I really get a kick out it when white-bearded elders run up to me with my scented candles and ask “What does it smell like?” They are delighted with Sugar Cookie Vanilla and Cinnamon Spice and such.

I have seen amazing trades at the Reuse Center and witnessed a musician sit down and play a free sitar with virtuosity while a family with young children got a sorely needed washing machine and dryer. Moments like this remind me of the eco visionary teacher and writer, Starhawk’s novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, depicting a future where people return to a barter system and live harmoniously in community.

The sign at the entry of the Reuse Center is certainly wisdom to live by:

Take only what you need and share anything extra with your neighbors.


About Becca
Becca Anderson is the author of multiple books, including Prayers for Hard Times and Every Day Thankful. She loves to share her original content and excerpts from her books, which are often collections of writings, quotes, or mini-biographies from or about a number of inspiring people, in hopes that these people’s inspiring words and actions can help others as much as they’ve helped her.

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