Putting an End to Child-Trafficking

Derived from the Lower Haight Holler Blog.

girl s white and gray crew neck top holding gray wire fence
Photo by namo deet on Pexels.com

We are living in a time where culture is gradually changing by the day. Recently, people are burning name-brand apparel in response to the divergent viewpoints of companies and politicians are still drawing the ire of news-based media. Unfortunately, one thing that NEEDS to be changed is the activity of Child-Trafficking.

Child-Trafficking is a inhumane crime that targets children for the use of exploitation and unspeakable crimes. This type of criminal behavior needs to be stopped and you can help put an end to it.

Love146 is an organization whose goal is to put an end to child-trafficking and exploitation. Through the use of volunteers and donations, Love146 aims to protect children from the reach of criminals. Donate and volunteer today to help put an end to Child-Trafficking. Be an inspiration for those who need light in their world.


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