Resolve to Be a Force for Good in This World #HappyNewYear!!!


New Year’s. Did you make a New Year’s resolution for this year?

Throw that word “resolution” out the window. It’s not strong enough to hold people to their goals, or at least that is true for me and everyone I know!  If you want to eat healthier, spend more time with your family, or finally volunteer at your church’s soup kitchen, go ahead and make these things happen. Tell people about your mission and maybe they will join forces with you. I had so much fun at Glide Memorial Church serving lunch that my friends asked to come along with me! Or, if you want to jumpstart your New Year’s with a MAJOR act of kindness, head on down to LA for the New Year’s. Race for A Place Called Home, a safe haven in South Central Los Angeles where underserved youth are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well-being. They are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their community and the world.

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