Holiday Magic

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Chimney cleaners and inspectors do not have the most glamorous jobs. Fireplaces are often filthy, and there is waaaay less singing involved than Mary Poppins would have you believe. However, one chimney sweep had a profound effect on a friend of mine when she was about five or six years old.

It was summer break, and her siblings were outside the house with friends. A strange man was over, and his head, arms, and torso were hidden up the chimney in Sylvie’s living room. Of course she was sitting a few feet away, asking questions each time his head reappeared, despite her father’s pleas to leave the man alone. After a few seconds of silence, the man gasped and squeezed out the chimney and into the living room.

“You will not believe what I just found!” he said, holding his hand out with a small piece of red fabric. “Santa must have snagged his suit on the inside of your chimney and left this behind.”

Sylvie was dumbstruck. Proof! She had proof! Santa was real!

Though Sylvie now knows the truth about Santa, she still has that small piece of fabric, and it reminds her every year about the kindness of strangers and the importance of sparking joy in someone’s life.

If you’re not a chimney sweep, find other ways to inspire joy in the young people around you. It is, after all, the most magical time of year.


Give Good


What if all your holidays gifts gave back and helped feed hungry people? My favorite kinds of gifts are the ones who keep on giving. The FEED project has many cool options that are made in America and crafted with love and pride.  By giving a beautifully crafted bracelet for your best friend’s birthday from, that gift will help feed the hungry. I love their FEEDbags, which are a handy way to ditch the plastic and the paper, too.


Happy December 6th!

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Today is Saint Nicholas Day, or the feast day of Saint Santa if you prefer. The original St. Nick was a Greek bishop in the fourth century with a reputation for generosity and anonymous gift-giving.

While normally this day comes and goes in the flurry of the Christmas season, I have a friend who makes this day special by giving pre-Christmas gifts like festive socks, candy, or holiday CDs (old-fashioned, I know) to friends, family, and coworkers. Take this Saint Nicholas Day to enjoy the holiday season. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line, or stop at the grocery story on your way home to pick up some flowers for a loved one. While December 6th may not mean much to most, you can spread joy and cheer by honoring Saint Nicholas today.


A Box of Love


Pack a shoebox with new toys, school supplies, socks, and whatever else you think a young child might need. Just go to for more information on how to pack a box. It will be donated to a child in need (you can decide the gender and age group), and you can even track the box to see where it ends up! Check out this website for some packing ideas.