Veg Out! Healthy Food for All Is Essential

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All families and growing children should have easy access to healthy food.

Have you hear of “food deserts”? I certainly never did until reading last year in the New York Times about entire swaths of urban areas with nothing but corner stores filled with processed packages foods and no produce whatsoever.  I started paying attention and it is true.

There is something you can do about it: make a donation at Wholesome Wave which provides fresh fruits and veggies to these under-served communities.  How great is that? Actually, it is even better, as Wholesome Wave obtains their organic produce from small and mid-sized farmers.


A Box of Love


Pack a shoebox with new toys, school supplies, socks, and whatever else you think a young child might need. Just go to for more information on how to pack a box. It will be donated to a child in need (you can decide the gender and age group), and you can even track the box to see where it ends up! Check out this website for some packing ideas.


Ending Child Hunger in America

Derived from the Lower Haight Holler Blog.

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There are many times where we tell our kids, “Kids are starving in Africa, South America, Asia. Eat your food!” But many times, we don’t realize that, inside our own borders, we are having our own epidemic with child hunger.

We live in one of the most economically free and diverse countries in the world, but why is it that we can’t feed every child? Why is it that they have to go home hungry, that they have to sleep on an empty stomach, why do they have to go through this? There are some things that we can help prevent from happening but it all starts with one person: you.

We talked about doing a Random Act of Kindness in an earlier post, however, why not do another act? This time, help donate so that one less kid will have to go through a day in hunger. Help make a change in our country just by doing one act of kindness. The No Kid Hungry campaign donates food to kids in need. Please donate to them today and make a change for our country.