Eat. Less. Meat.

Help save the environment and Eat. Less. Meat.

Heart Lake

The next time you consider grabbing a burger at a fast-food place, remember this: over the past few decades, the rainforests have been disappearing to satisfy our “hunger” for cheap beef. Rainforests are home to over a thousand indigenous tribal groups, thousands of species of birds and butterflies and exotic animals-all of which are now endangered. Rainforests also affect rainfall and wind all around the world by absorbing solar energy for the circulation of our atmosphere: the trees provide buffers against wind damage and soil erosion, which then helps prevent flooding along our coastlines. They are a precious part of our ecosystem. Let’s all do something to protect them.

Over five million acres of South and Central American rainforests are cleared each year for cattle to graze on. The local people don’t eat this much meat-it is exported to make the $1 hamburger and a cheap barbeque meal. More beef=fewer trees

Derived from the Lower Haight Holler Blog: https://lowerhaightholler.blogspot.com/2018/11/skip-burger-and-save-rainforest.html