Love and Friendship toward All Beings

backlit dawn foggy friendship
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O Lord! Make myself such that I may have love for all beings,
Joy in the meritorious, unstinted sympathy for the distressed,
And tolerance towards the perversely inclined.

O Lord! May my soul always find fulfillment, in friendship and
love towards all beings,
In all the virtuous, in compassion toward all suffering creatures,
And in remaining neutral towards those hostile to me.
This is my prayer.

—Ancient Jain Blessing

This post is an excerpt from The Woman’s Book of Prayer by Becca Anderson, which can be found at Amazon and Mango Media.


Share A Book With A Friend!

Have you ever had a friend give you a book out of the blue? I have, and it’s a feeling I can’t wait to share with my loved ones.

The key here is to focus on what they’ll appreciate–not what you’ve read recently and loved. For example, my friend recently told me that she wanted to cook more meals at home instead of eating out so often, but she didn’t have a lot of time. So, I got her a cookbook full of one-pot meals and slow cooker recipes. Even though this isn’t something I’d ever buy for myself, I’ve found myself enjoying some delicious soups and stews that she discovered from the book! Sharing these meals together has made for some truly high quality time.

You don’t have to buy a new book for your friend, though. If you have a book on your own shelf that you’re sure they’d love, you could give them that! Sometimes, sharing something as personal as one of your own books means more than the book itself.