Prayer Practice: Meditation

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Meditation is one of the most universal spiritual practices, and some form of it is used in almost every religion worldwide. It has been proven to stabilize your mood, ease pain, and even make women smarter. While some forms of meditation are more strict, even the simplest forms of meditation can help you become more connected to yourself and your spirituality. Taking a moment to contemplate in silence, pray, or let your mind go blank in a quiet space or using objects that hold personal significance can help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself or assist you through difficulties. Meditation is a very versatile tactic that can be combined with many other practices to make your prayer more meaningful.


This post is an excerpt from The Woman’s Book of Prayer by Becca Anderson, which can be found at Amazon and Mango Media.


Still Awareness

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I believe it is the most important.
It is our most unique gift. It is perhaps the greatest gift we can give.
In our language this quality is called dadirri.
It is inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness…
When I experience dadirri,
I am made whole again.
I can sit on the river bank or walk through the trees;
even if someone close to me has passed away,
I can find my peace in this silent awareness.
There is no need of words…

It is just being aware…


–Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Mauman, Aboriginal Artist  and Teacher

This post is an excerpt from The Woman’s Book of Prayer by Becca Anderson, which can be found at Amazon and Mango Media.

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Shelter in Any Storm of Fear and Trouble

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Almighty God, the Refuge of all that are distressed, grant unto
us that in all trouble of this our mortal life, we may flee to the
knowledge of Thy lovingkindness and tender mercy; that so,
sheltering ourselves therein, the storms of life may pass over us,
and not shake the peace of God that is within us. Whatsoever this
life may bring us, grant that it may never take from us the full faith
that Thou art our Father. Grant us Thy light, that we may have life,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen..
– George Dawson

This post is an excerpt from Prayers for Hard Times by Becca Anderson, which can be found at Amazon and Mango Media.